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Euthanasia: The Moral Problem Behind the Issue

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Voluntary killing is when a medical professional assists a person who deems his or her life is already “worthless” to death. This is known as euthanasia in the legal arena. Many countries have already passed laws that allow their medical industries to legally end the life or life support of those who have comas, “vegetable” conditions, or a heavy life-support dependent patient.

However, aside from the religious, the law itself has problems with approving euthanasia. The value of morality is where most experts, such as Luke Gormally, is actually concerned about. He generally opposes the implementation of euthanasia in any country because

1. Euthanasia is a Rejection of a Fundamental Framework in Society Law
Gormally says that euthanasia justifies the killing of a person just because that person has deemed his or her life “worthless”. If the legal system does not reject the fundamental framework, then it disrupts the just social order to legalize killing.

2. Euthanasia is Inconsistent with the Fundamental of a Just Legal System
He also says that euthanasia decriminalizes suicide and promotes assisted suicide. Gormally describes that the law must refuse to accommodate the behaviour of those who endorse suicide.

3. Euthanasia could also advocate non-voluntary euthanasia, which completely lacks moral standing.

Gormally’s points actually make sense because if the law allows the legal killing of one, then it gives the law to sanction killing a non-threat. The government could only issue “government-sanctioned” killing or murder during wartime. However, killing one that is defenceless, let alone strengthless and worthless, even if they ask for death to avoid pain or suffering, is still a big issue.