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FCA Reveals Investigation, PPI Claims Processing Questioned

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The Financial Conduct Authority had found “distressing problems” with the majority of PPI claim call centres operated by banks. Out of 18 firms, only 6 were performing well. One of the remaining twelve faces enforcement action and others face adjustment and questioning by the FCA.

According to the FCA, customers rejected their insurance claims will be refunded by intensive investigation.

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The Financial Ombudsman also confirmed that the 26% increase in PPI complaints signify that banks are still not doing their jobs right. Chief Ombudsman Natalie Ceeney said that despite the example set by the Ombudsman, others are still delaying their customers unnecessarily.

According to the FCA, many PPI claim call centres failed to give a proper response talking about the date the refund is due, pay attention to the inclusions and exclusions of the PPI’s provisions and many do not pay attention to the customer’s circumstances during the time they purchased the insurance.

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The FCA disagreed with 59% of the PPI judgments the firms made in terms of rejecting and approving claims.


Russia’s Stand on LGBT To Preserve “Traditional Values” Questionable

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian government is not discriminating against gays and the LGBT community, but the government only wants to preserve the traditional culture the country had, including the sexuality of the country. A controversial bill in Russia had set the LGBT community on fire.

Anybody who provides “propaganda” regarding information about being an LGBT to minors could be fined, imprisoned or both by the Russian government.

This law, which made controversial headlines and even reached the G20 summit as the United States and United Kingdom tried to talk Vladimir Putin out of the deal and respect gay rights, is still enforced in Russia.

Why it is questionable is that the LGBT communities had never committed a crime and yet they are imprisoned because of who they really are or who they want to be. A person could not be imprisoned for presenting a person an option, regardless of how morally obscure it might be.

Indeed, Russian law might cater only to hard traditions and minds of steel, but tradition changes as people and society do. LGBTs could be compared to blacks in the previous eras that had no rights. It is not fair to not give anyone a chance to live a normal life or the life they choose to live, even if it is stated as a crime under law.