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Real Estate Investment Tips: Tax, Spending, Bubbles

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Experts see the 2014 western real estate market as a “seller’s market.” The right amount of house price bubbles clearly help improve the prices of many homes in the US and Europe. However, there are still challenges for both sides of the real estate market. Here are a few things you need to know about tax, spending and the housing bubble.

1. Taxes
Tax bills will always play a great role in selling homes, but in some US states, property tax cuts are being proposed. The cuts would be depending on the income of the homeowners. So, for homebuyers, this can mean they will be paying less for houses, and once they live in the houses of these states, they will have reduced taxes depending on their income as well.

2. Spending
However, mortgage rates have increased by 5%, but experts said that home buyers have nothing to fear because 5% is still a tolerable mortgage rate. Experts said that the consequential effect of higher rates is easier access. Home buyers could get mortgages with banks becoming more lenient with requirements.

3. Housing Bubble
Properties will continue to rise in value, but with mortgage rates rising, it would mean a slower rate of growth. However, with smaller-value houses getting better deals, home sellers should take their time in choosing a buyer. Avoid getting a very generous, “too good to be true” offer and instead focus on the actual value of your home based on the housing bubble.


Investing in 2014: Technology, Industry and Outsourcing

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A new year brings fresh opportunities for any investor. Markets all over the world are showing signs of recovery, but still enough to allow other investors to ride the boat to higher profits. In 2014, technology and outsourcing are dominating, but outsourcing is not too far behind.

Business processing outsourcing companies are becoming more convenient for both small and big businesses in terms of providing quality processing of data and even consumer support. This industry is bound to go higher as the industry continues to bloom in India and Southeast Asia.

Car manufacturers have announced that the “starting gun” for the development of self-driving cars (SDCs) will begin this year. Nissan, General Motors, Toyota, Honda and other developers may be demonstrating their self-driving vehicle research in the 2014 Car Expo Show in Las Vegas. Aside from vehicles, the smartphone industry continues to grow its bubble.

With the ongoing crisis in South Sudan and the Middle East, barrels of oil are costing more than they should. Securing your own barrels of oil can help you sell them at a better price later. Experts predict a higher price for oil once electric cars hit the mainstream market of western countries.