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UK Becoming the Hub of New European “Modern Slavery”

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UK employers are abusing Asian, African and other foreign domestic workers coming into the United Kingdom according to a Human Rights Watch report. The report indicated that some UK employers “imprison” their domestic helpers by confiscating their working visas, inadequately giving them food, having them work for many hours and even withholding pay.

HRW criticised the UK’s new immigration laws that facilitate modern slavery. Worker visas for domestic helpers restrict them only to one employer. According to interviewees in the report, they were physically, psychologically and sexually abused. Some interviewees said their employers withheld their working visas, and they did not allow them to leave the house without accompaniment.

HRW also criticised UK’s laws for failing to protect foreign domestic workers. Domestic workers have no direct access to justice for maltreatment. Some of them risk leaving their employers and deportation. Some of them remain and endure the suffering, wanting to have more opportunities for jobs and to support their families back in their home countries.

UK’s government continues to deliberate on a new anti-modern slavery law. However, many experts criticize the law because it still fails to protect immigration workers from the United Kingdom.

The UK’s Home Office had also been accused of discrimination after its campaign asking illegal immigrants to come forward to seek help to return to their home countries. The campaign is part of the UK’s efforts to meet its net migration for 2013-2014.