The Unique Relationship of Curated Posts and Branding

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Post curation is an amiable way to gain site traffic and use the abundant random content found in the internet. However, curating is endorsing content that you did not make, therefore, it should affect your brand negatively. Truthfully, the case is that curating posts can improve the brand of a blog or website.
1. Quality of Posts
Audience will be looking for related and useful content relevant to your products or services. For example, a construction company website could provide funny construction stories and informative topics regarding their materials, their services and the industry. These can entertain and inform consumers, improving their trust in the brand.

2. Client-Sourced Content
Certain business niches benefit from client-sourced content, such as toy, animation, graphic design and games Fan art, fan-fiction or fan-made storylines, user reviews and references from famous critics helps inform your reader about your products and services without bias. You could curate this and encourage people to view them.

3. Publishing Brand
A website curating and publishing third-party content develops its own brand as a content connoisseur that people can trust. They can monetise the blog by introducing some of their products in an informative way through creative and self-made high-quality content.


The Three Great Benefits of Crowdsourcing in Driving Up Startup Financing

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Actual data and information is the only way innovators could convince investors that their product or service is a viable and growing investment. For long term plans, crowdsourcing is an efficient way to drive up a startup’s capital cost. With great information on hand, startup companies could experiment with different approaches, products and costs in allowing their innovative edges to grow.

1. Feedback
Investors want to know the feedback from the public regarding an innovative new product. An orange-flavoured beer product is absurd, but with crowdsourced information that proves the innovative flavour is something that can sell, considering the demographic to ensure that entrepreneurs have hit their marks, innovation could have a chance to flourish. A few more adjustments will be needed to ensure that a product or service finds its “sweet spot” in the niche market, and its overall potential in the mainstream market.
2. Actual Data
Feedback is actual data, but performance and feasibility information could be driven by crowdsourcing. Online gaming companies have made use of this strategy by implementing “free to play” periods for their beta versions of games. Collecting information and feedback from the communities interested in such games, introducing innovation can rock or smoothen the product or service without harm to the brand or the sales.
3. Multiple Data Sources
To ensure the transparency of information collected, crowdsourcing provides an opportunity to access multiple audiences to ascertain the innovative product or service’s capacity to deliver its return in profit. Make it clear how these different sources could receive benefit from the startup’s products and service, and see the real returns the innovative idea could have.


Imitation’s Role in Finding Capital Investments

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Imitation is not entirely wrong, especially if it is flattering, but if patents are present, you and your business can be in so much trouble. Including imitation as part of your business strategy could help you attract venture capitalists if they could see its use to you and their advantage.

1. Discuss Someone Else’s Idea
Anybody can break down someone else’s idea and innovation and see the features that made it work. Discuss this idea with your team and note down the details that made the product unique, appealing and sellable.

2. Use The Details, Read the Patents
Patents are the enemy in using some ideas that the competition thought of. Sure it would be nice to give it a try or your own spin, but beware that you might be trespassing. Read the patents, and incline it with the details you have discussed earlier.

3. Use Other Materials
If one copies a product directly, this is a complete violation of patents, but if you use the idea behind the development of the product and used other materials, you could ride on the concept behind the successful product. For example, you might want to add a new style on an ergonomic keyboard design. You could follow the idea of QWERTY keyboards and the actual design, but not the material.

4. Why It Would Sell
If you discuss with your venture capitalists that your idea is based on someone’s idea, but you are only imitating the motives and innovation behind the idea, venture capitalists are likely to invest in your company. Patents and legalities aside, venture capitalists only want to know if your product would sell, and if it would continue in the long run.


Effective Ways to Cut Corners For Small Businesses

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Money is undeniably the root of all success for any kind of business, and most small businesses are frugal with expenses and need to maximise their budgets. Ineffective cost cutting may deal only a small reduction to expenses, or it may affect employee attitudes or productivity due to the lack of funding. Here are a few ways you could save money effectively.

1. Equipment
It is unadvisable to get sub-par equipment, new or old, and the next best thing if you are trying to reduce expenses is to find a year to a two-year’s old owned equipment that you need. Buy-and-sell listings are effective for this purpose. Ask the former owner about their reasons for selling the item. Don’t go for anything beyond three years, it will not be as good as it used to be. You could do the same for your office deco.

2. Exchange
Money is not everything; things around your office, your house or other properties you might have carry their own worth. Your services even carry bigger worth. If you are a pipe manufacturing company for example, and you need a few social media interaction, you could offer to provide products or services to a start-up social media company, who may in turn consider the proposition.

3. Free Platforms
Open-source software is the result of crowd funding, crowd sourcing and community development, and most of them are free to own and use. Here is a list of useful open-source office software for your convenience. No need to get that expensive registration code.

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What Lagging Business Lack in 2014

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In the early days of cellular phone with low resolution cameras, taking photographs and keeping them in digital albums in your computer was a must. It allowed you to keep memories that possibly defined your individuality and memories with the people important to you.

A half-decade later, the internet became updated, and now you could share those photographs of yours. Smartphones, which have higher-grade cameras and features, became commonplace. Internet speeds allowed one to share, explore and create their own interests and find people who think similarly as them. In such a way, individuality wrested upon how people perceive and take note of your produce and information about you that you share in the internet.

Small businesses have adapted effectively to this model, which is why many younger generations make use of the services of these small businesses. Some small business, including early experimental service platforms such as 8-Tracks that allows you to listen to playlists made by other people and you can contact them as well. You could also buy the songs if you want the playlist on the storage of your phone.

Big businesses are losing their ground on the younger generation, which generates the bulk of many country’s income and GDP.  Car manufacturers are having trouble selling their products, along with many other vehicle and transportation-oriented businesses. Meanwhile, technology manufacturing companies are increasing their profits.

Clearly, small or big businesses lagging behind in 2014 lack a sense of understanding the perspectives of the younger generation.

Young people find that sharing, creating and developing their own individuality through the internet is more valuable than owning something that cannot provide the same idea.


Political Troubles and Your Investment Portfolio

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Political turmoil, unrest and civil distresses affect the economy of each country. Economic changes can even plunge the country into difficult areas. When these economic troubles happen, investors tend to “run away” because of the impending political crisis. When political problems happen in countries, it could mean the inflation of goods and the lowering prices of stocks and bonds.

Political problems only predict a highly-possible event happening in the stock market, but it does not mean that the market will turn into a bull or a bear automatically. When turmoil happens, do not pull out your stocks or bonds in that country instantly. Sure, bonds may lower in value, but it does not mean that it could go down easily

In a time of political turmoil, such as a revolution or massive protests that hamper business activities, it is important to keep in perspective long-term plans by the business. Surely, a factory with revolting workers will not stop until they are given their demands, but it doesn’t mean the owner of the factory has to sell the property at once. A factory in the area helps the economy and the local economy is a big market for the manufacturer.

It is important that you set your investment portfolio for the long term. Look at the feasibility of the economic situation in the future. For example, if France is having lots of sales in Ferraris and has an economic turmoil with employees randomly abandoning their tasks daily that involves the lack of performance, you cannot abandon the investment in Ferrari just yet. It may lower, but it can come back double of what it was.

Always look for opportunities in such political turmoils, they will always help.


Real Estate Investment Tips: Tax, Spending, Bubbles

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Experts see the 2014 western real estate market as a “seller’s market.” The right amount of house price bubbles clearly help improve the prices of many homes in the US and Europe. However, there are still challenges for both sides of the real estate market. Here are a few things you need to know about tax, spending and the housing bubble.

1. Taxes
Tax bills will always play a great role in selling homes, but in some US states, property tax cuts are being proposed. The cuts would be depending on the income of the homeowners. So, for homebuyers, this can mean they will be paying less for houses, and once they live in the houses of these states, they will have reduced taxes depending on their income as well.

2. Spending
However, mortgage rates have increased by 5%, but experts said that home buyers have nothing to fear because 5% is still a tolerable mortgage rate. Experts said that the consequential effect of higher rates is easier access. Home buyers could get mortgages with banks becoming more lenient with requirements.

3. Housing Bubble
Properties will continue to rise in value, but with mortgage rates rising, it would mean a slower rate of growth. However, with smaller-value houses getting better deals, home sellers should take their time in choosing a buyer. Avoid getting a very generous, “too good to be true” offer and instead focus on the actual value of your home based on the housing bubble.


Investing in 2014: Technology, Industry and Outsourcing

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A new year brings fresh opportunities for any investor. Markets all over the world are showing signs of recovery, but still enough to allow other investors to ride the boat to higher profits. In 2014, technology and outsourcing are dominating, but outsourcing is not too far behind.

Business processing outsourcing companies are becoming more convenient for both small and big businesses in terms of providing quality processing of data and even consumer support. This industry is bound to go higher as the industry continues to bloom in India and Southeast Asia.

Car manufacturers have announced that the “starting gun” for the development of self-driving cars (SDCs) will begin this year. Nissan, General Motors, Toyota, Honda and other developers may be demonstrating their self-driving vehicle research in the 2014 Car Expo Show in Las Vegas. Aside from vehicles, the smartphone industry continues to grow its bubble.

With the ongoing crisis in South Sudan and the Middle East, barrels of oil are costing more than they should. Securing your own barrels of oil can help you sell them at a better price later. Experts predict a higher price for oil once electric cars hit the mainstream market of western countries.


Why Invest During Your Professional Years?

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Many young and senior professionals think that investing in the stock market is a job only left for those who have already retired. Passive income is costly especially during one’s professional years. However, there is much reason to invest while you are still young and earning.

1. Resources
Passive income investments on stocks, bonds and equities might seem expensive, but if you save up for them, you could make use of them. The best thing about investing at a young age is that your resources do not deplete. Should you lose an investment, you actually have the capability to rebuild your capital, giving you more chances of success and learning experiences.

2. Aggressive Investing
Retirees are very careful with investing simply because it is money and capital they’ve earned through all their years of working. While you are young and earning, you have more chances of investing aggressively. This helps you take advantage of higher risks, which might mean bigger gains and losses.

3. The More You Learn
A young investor will have the same learning experience as an older investor if they start at the same time. The only advantage of a young investor is that they learn more than an older investor because of their riskier investments, which will allow them to make use of their investment knowledge as a tool upon retirement.

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FCA Reveals Investigation, PPI Claims Processing Questioned

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The Financial Conduct Authority had found “distressing problems” with the majority of PPI claim call centres operated by banks. Out of 18 firms, only 6 were performing well. One of the remaining twelve faces enforcement action and others face adjustment and questioning by the FCA.

According to the FCA, customers rejected their insurance claims will be refunded by intensive investigation.

If you were rejected a PPI claim by your bank, you could reclaim your refunds effectively by using claims management companies such as here with their experienced claims experts.

The Financial Ombudsman also confirmed that the 26% increase in PPI complaints signify that banks are still not doing their jobs right. Chief Ombudsman Natalie Ceeney said that despite the example set by the Ombudsman, others are still delaying their customers unnecessarily.

According to the FCA, many PPI claim call centres failed to give a proper response talking about the date the refund is due, pay attention to the inclusions and exclusions of the PPI’s provisions and many do not pay attention to the customer’s circumstances during the time they purchased the insurance.

Anybody who is mis sold PPI could know the precise amount of compensation they could get by using a PPI claim calculator provided online by most claims management companies.

The FCA disagreed with 59% of the PPI judgments the firms made in terms of rejecting and approving claims.