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The Employer’s Responsibilities in a Work Accident Scenario

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Employers will always be responsible for employee injury that takes place in their work environment. Their responsibilities are in the employee contract, which the employee signs before they start working. It is from here that you’ll find out about the employer’s responsibilities in a work accident scenario you can possibly encounter.

Some employers just handle basic environmental hazard compensation. This provides you medical support and wages for your recovery if it is proven an environmental hazard, including the equipment you are responsible for, injures you by accident. This is usually issued in office and corporate employment.

If your work is around working in a dangerous environment or accident and sickness prone environment, your insurance premiums increase along with your wages. For any rare accident you encounter, such as in construction, chemistry or other equipment-and-substance plentiful environments, you get compensated in full for any accident even if you are given proper safety equipment in handling these items.

However, there are some cases that employers will skip on their responsibilities and that is when claims experts could help you begin with your claim. Some employers only provide minimal compensation for their employees even if the situation calls for mesothelioma or environment-pandemic related case. A claims expert, such as one from www.NoWinNoFeeAdviceline.co.uk   could help you sort out other details with enough evidence.

Employers are also cutting costs. If you cannot prove your claim properly, you are letting the employer evade their responsibility to you and they can do it again to other employees who might encounter the same kind of troubles as you have.


Bitcoin is Legal, But Dangerous

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A digital currency that began as $20 apiece shot to a very high $5000 to today’s $1000 per coin is how bitcoin became legendary. Proposed as the first digital currency in the world, the legal interest of governments, law enforcement and tax authorities continue as they try to fit it into existing financial frameworks. Bitcoin is probably legal, albeit not all merchants accept it.

What makes bitcoin controversial for many law enforcement and governments is its decentralized nature; “miners” make use of high-powered computers to have them automatically solve problems and collect the coins for use in trade.

According to some legal experts bitcoin is legal unless it is being used to purchase drugs or other illegal products incognito. The incident of Silk Road led to the high controversy surrounding the digital currency.

The anonymous transaction codes of bitcoin, which is automatically stored in the bitcoin network as purchases are made, made it seem as the perfect money laundering currency. The FBI highlighted its warnings against the currency, namely off-shore transactions being unregulated.

Authorities consider bitcoin to be a currency that could legally be used. However, fears of its usage and its decentralized nature makes it dangerous as it is a “shady” form of currency and criminals could use the coins as a scamming tool.

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Doctors Could Be Jailed for Negligence With New UK Law

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A proposed new law can jail doctors and other medical professionals up to five years if they commit “wilful negligence”. According to the health secretary, the goal of the new law is to ensure the maximum prioritisation of patient safety. This new proposal is part of a new set of proposals that would address problems from previous failures in UK hospitals and lower the fatality rate.

US Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that UK’s medical services needs to undergo an effective transformation in terms of the UK’s free healthcare system.

However, some legal professionals argue that the health law will only make medical professionals defensive and fearful. Medical professionals are already bound by penalties in their profession if they fail to provide the proper quality of care.

Patients could claim against medical negligence and a successful claim has the hospital and the medical professional pay out significantly for the damages and welfare of the patient who had suffered under the care of their medical professional. According to Prime Minister David Cameron,  the Mid Staffordshire case in central England showed that care from the NHS “brilliant” staff, was not enough to ensure the quality of healthcare provided.

However, Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham warned the government of having a pick and mix approach to making laws on healthcare services. He said that the government must approach carefully to avoid startling or unnerving medical staff.

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Russia’s Stand on LGBT To Preserve “Traditional Values” Questionable

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian government is not discriminating against gays and the LGBT community, but the government only wants to preserve the traditional culture the country had, including the sexuality of the country. A controversial bill in Russia had set the LGBT community on fire.

Anybody who provides “propaganda” regarding information about being an LGBT to minors could be fined, imprisoned or both by the Russian government.

This law, which made controversial headlines and even reached the G20 summit as the United States and United Kingdom tried to talk Vladimir Putin out of the deal and respect gay rights, is still enforced in Russia.

Why it is questionable is that the LGBT communities had never committed a crime and yet they are imprisoned because of who they really are or who they want to be. A person could not be imprisoned for presenting a person an option, regardless of how morally obscure it might be.

Indeed, Russian law might cater only to hard traditions and minds of steel, but tradition changes as people and society do. LGBTs could be compared to blacks in the previous eras that had no rights. It is not fair to not give anyone a chance to live a normal life or the life they choose to live, even if it is stated as a crime under law.


LGBT Marriages: Evolving Morals or Continuing Liberalism?

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Decades ago, black slavery and coloured discrimination became abolished in the Western Hemisphere and many considered this as a radical shift to liberalism while a great many considered this as the evolving morals of man. Today, the LGBT communities worldwide watch as their western counterparts fight for the right of the third gender to legally marry.

The United States and Europe bolstered the marriages of same-gendered people, with the US starting from a few states to the promises of more states to approve the said law. The new law currently disturbs moral and religious groups, who solely believe that a man is made for a woman and not for the same type of gender.

If we were to put this situation back decades ago, moralists and religious groups would say that coloured people were below the white people because the white had a responsibility to educate the people of the world by religious right. During such a time the coloured were oppressed. But as soon as US politicians abolished slavery and gave them the right to have the right of the whites, it was taken as absurd as well.

For the commonfolk, it might seem strange at first to find the approval of a man-made gender, but clearly, over time, people become used to the idea of seeing same-gender couples, just as the people in the past are now used to seeing coloured people enjoy the same lives as that of a white person.

Clearly, we are in a world of evolving morals and continuing liberalism. It might break the status quo, might feel a bit strange, but clearly, nothing wrong is being done.


Euthanasia: The Moral Problem Behind the Issue

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Voluntary killing is when a medical professional assists a person who deems his or her life is already “worthless” to death. This is known as euthanasia in the legal arena. Many countries have already passed laws that allow their medical industries to legally end the life or life support of those who have comas, “vegetable” conditions, or a heavy life-support dependent patient.

However, aside from the religious, the law itself has problems with approving euthanasia. The value of morality is where most experts, such as Luke Gormally, is actually concerned about. He generally opposes the implementation of euthanasia in any country because

1. Euthanasia is a Rejection of a Fundamental Framework in Society Law
Gormally says that euthanasia justifies the killing of a person just because that person has deemed his or her life “worthless”. If the legal system does not reject the fundamental framework, then it disrupts the just social order to legalize killing.

2. Euthanasia is Inconsistent with the Fundamental of a Just Legal System
He also says that euthanasia decriminalizes suicide and promotes assisted suicide. Gormally describes that the law must refuse to accommodate the behaviour of those who endorse suicide.

3. Euthanasia could also advocate non-voluntary euthanasia, which completely lacks moral standing.

Gormally’s points actually make sense because if the law allows the legal killing of one, then it gives the law to sanction killing a non-threat. The government could only issue “government-sanctioned” killing or murder during wartime. However, killing one that is defenceless, let alone strengthless and worthless, even if they ask for death to avoid pain or suffering, is still a big issue.


UK’s Most Affordable Cities

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Any UK outsider would think that living in the United Kingdom is quite expensive in general, but recent figures and statistics show that living in the UK, even with residential and commercial properties and taxes in hand, gives UK citizens great breathing room for finances. House prices are now at an average of £172,556 and increased by 1.7% the last year. Here’s a list of cities you might want to live in in the future.

Londonderry in Northern Ireland is the most affordable UK city to live in. Houses now cost less than 3.5 multiplied to the yearly local wage, giving any UK citizen a chance to live in a debt-free home.

Lisburn and Belfast in Northern Ireland are also as affordable as Londonderry. However, UK citizens will need to have an income similar to local wages to purchase a home within a few years.

Experts say most northern cities, including Salford, Hull and Lancaster are the best cities to live in based on income and house prices.

However, the least affordable cities in the UK are Oxford, as house prices are multiplied 10 by the yearly earnings of citizens. The south of England held strong as being some of the most expensive properties that will take years for a citizen to purchase based on local income.

Source: Telegraph


The Different Purposes of the Constitution and Laws

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Almost every book, movie or other storytelling mechanism often shows that without laws, there is no system and order. The government and its constitution ensure that citizens follow the proper processes to avoid “stepping” upon the freedom of others and laws tackle the sub-areas of these processes. The laws protect citizens from the following possible problems in the future.

1. Consumer-Related Troubles
Citizens have the right to make a complaint against a manufacturer or business’ faulty products and services. Businesses will need to refund a customer with a defective product upon successful claiming, or they must compensate a customer injured by their product or service malfunction.

2. Legal Balance
Legal “loopholes” exist and often, people who excel in the legal industry can offer high-paying clients their services in using these loopholes for illegal activities and other “un-punishable” ventures. The law makes sure that there is legal balance and nobody uses the law to gain the upper hand against another entity. A perfect example of this is the difference between denatured alcohol and vodka; both are safe to drink, but a harmful additive is added to denatured alcohol to ensure people make the consumable alcohol market move and they do not get cheaper alcohol through drinking denatured alcohol.

3. Offenses
When one citizens inflicts danger or harm against another citizen, the offending party will compensate the victims for the damages brought by their actions. Citizens can only achieve order and justice from these cases through proper legal channels to ensure that the action is based on acceptable moral values and adheres to the constitutional law.


Is it Fair to Make Rape a Capital Crime in India?

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The recent death of 23 year old rape and slay victim named “Damini” sparked public ire and criticism against India’s government for failing to handle rape and sexual assault cases in their country. Around 600 rape cases were reported in 2012. Citizens point to the actual lawmakers and policemen for harassing the very women they swore to protect, and are protesting that rape be made a capital crime. But is it fair to all?

A woman is a citizen of a country and is treated and given all opportunities men have to learn and achieve in their own territories. Equal rights allows them to traverse fields that men can also do. Women cannot rape men by themselves, and men, having superior strength than women, can easily overpower women. Most citizens justify this argument as the cause.

Protest signs with messages that say educating men not to rape women is the key. Men who often blamed women’s clothing are met with counter arguments that even women who wore hoods are still raped in the country. It is indeed clear that men in India bluntly overpower women with sexual assaults, regardless of the presence of temptation or not.

India’s treatment of women is not actually visual or libido, but more of cultural. India was a country that grew from a caste system and women are as valuable as a new house. As objects, they are sold, married to ensure the wealth of a family and can be made as slaves. As modern India progressed to democracy, equality and free speech, the ingrained notion of male superiority still dominates most men’s minds.

Punishing rape by death is justifiable, but it is important that Indians first consider their emotions before making a new law against rape. The news is indeed heartbreaking; but for equal rights and proper amendment, they will need to see through this trouble with a clear mind.


China’s New Internet Laws Impede on Human Expression

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The ruling Communist Party in China recently approved a new law that will enable authorities to delete posts or pages that have illegal information content from users or companies. Authorities can now demand the information from service providers and punish those accused of posting the illegal information.

The most devastating part of the new law provisions that censorship measures about political discussions and debate in the Chinese Internet community specifically about human rights and governance are greatly enforced. Users also have no access to popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Users are subject to make use of government-regulated social media services, including the widely-used Weibo platform in China, which forced many users to sign up with their real names. The information from the microblogging platform Weibo is then sourced to the government.

The new laws were a response to the dissemination of information about the corruption of the lower-level officials, which exploited the issue as the main topic in the Chinese Internet community. It was also a way that the government was trying to help people avoid malicious accusations and unfounded rumors through the Internet.

Experts deem it as one of the biggest impediments of Chinese freedom of expression. Citizens have also expressed themselves on Weibo, stating that this was not the freedom of expression their constitution has promised and it interferes with their freedom to express themselves.