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Is the Knife-Crime Changes Really Fair?

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Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said that he did not approve of “headline-grabbing” legal changes to knife-crime laws in the United Kingdom despite the death of schoolteacher Ann Maguire, who was stabbed in her classroom and passed away. While we may all condemn Mr. Clegg for his statement and apparent insensitivity, awarding six months of jail time for anybody found with a knife, even a penknife, is not really right.

But my opinion changed when Justice Secretary Chris Grayling and several supporters of the change indicated that without criminal intent, nobody, even cub scouts and tradesmen wielding penknifes, could be arrested for six months.

However, is it really fair to imprison someone for six months just for handling a knife and showing criminal intent? In this case, I support the changes, for as long as it is clear what criminal intent means in its clauses. But it has its flaws.

The Liberal Democratic party is right to say that the costs of cases will impact the legal system with the great influx of “second knife-crime cases.” The UK’s prison population is also growing in number, and it would be best to recommend the knife offenders to treatment and rehabilitation instead.

However, it cannot be helped that the Conservative party is trying to win over public affection by doing something for a heartbreaking case. Ann Maguire did not deserve to die, but nobody has the right to use her death for publicity.

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Bitcoin is Legal, But Dangerous

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A digital currency that began as $20 apiece shot to a very high $5000 to today’s $1000 per coin is how bitcoin became legendary. Proposed as the first digital currency in the world, the legal interest of governments, law enforcement and tax authorities continue as they try to fit it into existing financial frameworks. Bitcoin is probably legal, albeit not all merchants accept it.

What makes bitcoin controversial for many law enforcement and governments is its decentralized nature; “miners” make use of high-powered computers to have them automatically solve problems and collect the coins for use in trade.

According to some legal experts bitcoin is legal unless it is being used to purchase drugs or other illegal products incognito. The incident of Silk Road led to the high controversy surrounding the digital currency.

The anonymous transaction codes of bitcoin, which is automatically stored in the bitcoin network as purchases are made, made it seem as the perfect money laundering currency. The FBI highlighted its warnings against the currency, namely off-shore transactions being unregulated.

Authorities consider bitcoin to be a currency that could legally be used. However, fears of its usage and its decentralized nature makes it dangerous as it is a “shady” form of currency and criminals could use the coins as a scamming tool.

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LGBT Marriages: Evolving Morals or Continuing Liberalism?

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Decades ago, black slavery and coloured discrimination became abolished in the Western Hemisphere and many considered this as a radical shift to liberalism while a great many considered this as the evolving morals of man. Today, the LGBT communities worldwide watch as their western counterparts fight for the right of the third gender to legally marry.

The United States and Europe bolstered the marriages of same-gendered people, with the US starting from a few states to the promises of more states to approve the said law. The new law currently disturbs moral and religious groups, who solely believe that a man is made for a woman and not for the same type of gender.

If we were to put this situation back decades ago, moralists and religious groups would say that coloured people were below the white people because the white had a responsibility to educate the people of the world by religious right. During such a time the coloured were oppressed. But as soon as US politicians abolished slavery and gave them the right to have the right of the whites, it was taken as absurd as well.

For the commonfolk, it might seem strange at first to find the approval of a man-made gender, but clearly, over time, people become used to the idea of seeing same-gender couples, just as the people in the past are now used to seeing coloured people enjoy the same lives as that of a white person.

Clearly, we are in a world of evolving morals and continuing liberalism. It might break the status quo, might feel a bit strange, but clearly, nothing wrong is being done.


Whiplash Compensation Claims: What to Watch Out For This Year

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UK citizens worry that they will be left at the mercy of their insurance companies as the Ministry of Justice will soon implement the new whiplash compensation claim guidelines aimed to reduce the number of fraud and exaggerated claims in the industry. The MOJ’s move was a response to the increasing expenses of the insurance industry, providing £2 billion yearly for out-of-court settlements and legislative fees.

Whiplash pain

The Association of British Insurers said that honest drivers are paying £118 yearly for car insurance premiums as the fraud whiplash claims continue to rise. To reduce the costs, the Ministry of Justice and the UK government plan to implement a minimum whiplash injury speed threshold, preferably Germany’s 10km/h threshold, increasing in-car monitoring in most UK vehicles and victims will need to present two medical evaluations of their injuries.

Whiplash is an injury to the back of the neck and head common in car accidents. Due to sudden inertia, the head snaps back and forth, possibly ripping the neck ligaments. Moderate whiplash injuries could cause a day or week of suffering nausea and disorientation. Severe cases could possibly paralyze victims due to spinal cord damages.

The Ministry of Justice also plans the Small Claims Court to provide for car accident compensation. The MOJ plans to increase the court’s payouts from £1000 to £5000.

However, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers condemn the Small Claim Court’s increase. They point out that the MOJ intended the court to pay for product and service problems; to have it pay for car accident injuries including whiplash can leave victims undercompensated.


The Different Purposes of the Constitution and Laws

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Almost every book, movie or other storytelling mechanism often shows that without laws, there is no system and order. The government and its constitution ensure that citizens follow the proper processes to avoid “stepping” upon the freedom of others and laws tackle the sub-areas of these processes. The laws protect citizens from the following possible problems in the future.

1. Consumer-Related Troubles
Citizens have the right to make a complaint against a manufacturer or business’ faulty products and services. Businesses will need to refund a customer with a defective product upon successful claiming, or they must compensate a customer injured by their product or service malfunction.

2. Legal Balance
Legal “loopholes” exist and often, people who excel in the legal industry can offer high-paying clients their services in using these loopholes for illegal activities and other “un-punishable” ventures. The law makes sure that there is legal balance and nobody uses the law to gain the upper hand against another entity. A perfect example of this is the difference between denatured alcohol and vodka; both are safe to drink, but a harmful additive is added to denatured alcohol to ensure people make the consumable alcohol market move and they do not get cheaper alcohol through drinking denatured alcohol.

3. Offenses
When one citizens inflicts danger or harm against another citizen, the offending party will compensate the victims for the damages brought by their actions. Citizens can only achieve order and justice from these cases through proper legal channels to ensure that the action is based on acceptable moral values and adheres to the constitutional law.