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Effective Ways to Cut Corners For Small Businesses

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Money is undeniably the root of all success for any kind of business, and most small businesses are frugal with expenses and need to maximise their budgets. Ineffective cost cutting may deal only a small reduction to expenses, or it may affect employee attitudes or productivity due to the lack of funding. Here are a few ways you could save money effectively.

1. Equipment
It is unadvisable to get sub-par equipment, new or old, and the next best thing if you are trying to reduce expenses is to find a year to a two-year’s old owned equipment that you need. Buy-and-sell listings are effective for this purpose. Ask the former owner about their reasons for selling the item. Don’t go for anything beyond three years, it will not be as good as it used to be. You could do the same for your office deco.

2. Exchange
Money is not everything; things around your office, your house or other properties you might have carry their own worth. Your services even carry bigger worth. If you are a pipe manufacturing company for example, and you need a few social media interaction, you could offer to provide products or services to a start-up social media company, who may in turn consider the proposition.

3. Free Platforms
Open-source software is the result of crowd funding, crowd sourcing and community development, and most of them are free to own and use. Here is a list of useful open-source office software for your convenience. No need to get that expensive registration code.

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Political Troubles and Your Investment Portfolio

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Political turmoil, unrest and civil distresses affect the economy of each country. Economic changes can even plunge the country into difficult areas. When these economic troubles happen, investors tend to “run away” because of the impending political crisis. When political problems happen in countries, it could mean the inflation of goods and the lowering prices of stocks and bonds.

Political problems only predict a highly-possible event happening in the stock market, but it does not mean that the market will turn into a bull or a bear automatically. When turmoil happens, do not pull out your stocks or bonds in that country instantly. Sure, bonds may lower in value, but it does not mean that it could go down easily

In a time of political turmoil, such as a revolution or massive protests that hamper business activities, it is important to keep in perspective long-term plans by the business. Surely, a factory with revolting workers will not stop until they are given their demands, but it doesn’t mean the owner of the factory has to sell the property at once. A factory in the area helps the economy and the local economy is a big market for the manufacturer.

It is important that you set your investment portfolio for the long term. Look at the feasibility of the economic situation in the future. For example, if France is having lots of sales in Ferraris and has an economic turmoil with employees randomly abandoning their tasks daily that involves the lack of performance, you cannot abandon the investment in Ferrari just yet. It may lower, but it can come back double of what it was.

Always look for opportunities in such political turmoils, they will always help.