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Is the Knife-Crime Changes Really Fair?

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Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said that he did not approve of “headline-grabbing” legal changes to knife-crime laws in the United Kingdom despite the death of schoolteacher Ann Maguire, who was stabbed in her classroom and passed away. While we may all condemn Mr. Clegg for his statement and apparent insensitivity, awarding six months of jail time for anybody found with a knife, even a penknife, is not really right.

But my opinion changed when Justice Secretary Chris Grayling and several supporters of the change indicated that without criminal intent, nobody, even cub scouts and tradesmen wielding penknifes, could be arrested for six months.

However, is it really fair to imprison someone for six months just for handling a knife and showing criminal intent? In this case, I support the changes, for as long as it is clear what criminal intent means in its clauses. But it has its flaws.

The Liberal Democratic party is right to say that the costs of cases will impact the legal system with the great influx of “second knife-crime cases.” The UK’s prison population is also growing in number, and it would be best to recommend the knife offenders to treatment and rehabilitation instead.

However, it cannot be helped that the Conservative party is trying to win over public affection by doing something for a heartbreaking case. Ann Maguire did not deserve to die, but nobody has the right to use her death for publicity.

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UK Becoming the Hub of New European “Modern Slavery”

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UK employers are abusing Asian, African and other foreign domestic workers coming into the United Kingdom according to a Human Rights Watch report. The report indicated that some UK employers “imprison” their domestic helpers by confiscating their working visas, inadequately giving them food, having them work for many hours and even withholding pay.

HRW criticised the UK’s new immigration laws that facilitate modern slavery. Worker visas for domestic helpers restrict them only to one employer. According to interviewees in the report, they were physically, psychologically and sexually abused. Some interviewees said their employers withheld their working visas, and they did not allow them to leave the house without accompaniment.

HRW also criticised UK’s laws for failing to protect foreign domestic workers. Domestic workers have no direct access to justice for maltreatment. Some of them risk leaving their employers and deportation. Some of them remain and endure the suffering, wanting to have more opportunities for jobs and to support their families back in their home countries.

UK’s government continues to deliberate on a new anti-modern slavery law. However, many experts criticize the law because it still fails to protect immigration workers from the United Kingdom.

The UK’s Home Office had also been accused of discrimination after its campaign asking illegal immigrants to come forward to seek help to return to their home countries. The campaign is part of the UK’s efforts to meet its net migration for 2013-2014.



The Employer’s Responsibilities in a Work Accident Scenario

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Employers will always be responsible for employee injury that takes place in their work environment. Their responsibilities are in the employee contract, which the employee signs before they start working. It is from here that you’ll find out about the employer’s responsibilities in a work accident scenario you can possibly encounter.

Some employers just handle basic environmental hazard compensation. This provides you medical support and wages for your recovery if it is proven an environmental hazard, including the equipment you are responsible for, injures you by accident. This is usually issued in office and corporate employment.

If your work is around working in a dangerous environment or accident and sickness prone environment, your insurance premiums increase along with your wages. For any rare accident you encounter, such as in construction, chemistry or other equipment-and-substance plentiful environments, you get compensated in full for any accident even if you are given proper safety equipment in handling these items.

However, there are some cases that employers will skip on their responsibilities and that is when claims experts could help you begin with your claim. Some employers only provide minimal compensation for their employees even if the situation calls for mesothelioma or environment-pandemic related case. A claims expert, such as one from www.NoWinNoFeeAdviceline.co.uk   could help you sort out other details with enough evidence.

Employers are also cutting costs. If you cannot prove your claim properly, you are letting the employer evade their responsibility to you and they can do it again to other employees who might encounter the same kind of troubles as you have.


Doctors Could Be Jailed for Negligence With New UK Law

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A proposed new law can jail doctors and other medical professionals up to five years if they commit “wilful negligence”. According to the health secretary, the goal of the new law is to ensure the maximum prioritisation of patient safety. This new proposal is part of a new set of proposals that would address problems from previous failures in UK hospitals and lower the fatality rate.

US Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that UK’s medical services needs to undergo an effective transformation in terms of the UK’s free healthcare system.

However, some legal professionals argue that the health law will only make medical professionals defensive and fearful. Medical professionals are already bound by penalties in their profession if they fail to provide the proper quality of care.

Patients could claim against medical negligence and a successful claim has the hospital and the medical professional pay out significantly for the damages and welfare of the patient who had suffered under the care of their medical professional. According to Prime Minister David Cameron,  the Mid Staffordshire case in central England showed that care from the NHS “brilliant” staff, was not enough to ensure the quality of healthcare provided.

However, Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham warned the government of having a pick and mix approach to making laws on healthcare services. He said that the government must approach carefully to avoid startling or unnerving medical staff.

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Analysts See Price-Cutting Measures for Legal Help as Impractical

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Legal analysts clearly criticize the fact that gaining legal help from amateur legal representatives or even law students is not the solution to lower the high-priced legal services in the United Kingdom today. Putting law students in the position of professional legal representatives may well compromise the cases handled while paying for something that doesn’t quite deliver what it should.

Analysts state that serious cases, such as claiming for accident compensation, divorcing couples and medical negligence, it can mean the life of the cases if mishandled by the Community Legal Companions, a title given to the non-professional legal representatives What makes the entire situation worse is that the position given can entail thousands of pounds in losses. While the costs and prices may be lower, it might mean a misjudgement or a mis-treated set of variables in a move that is not properly executed or managed, which can cost a person his or her property or even compensation.

However, the volunteers would be trained by the Crown Prosecution Service, the Citizen Advice Bureau and professional legal representatives. Despite this fact, being ‘green’ and having them work for a far steeper price than the more ‘experienced’ counterparts, other analysts see that people are “going to get what they pay for”.

Anti-”rookie” legal representation experts state that the case is that people are really going to get what they pay for, which is a result that is lacking the proper outcome due to inexperienced or bad presentation and argumentation of facts and data in a case.

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